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Our services

Analytics & IT consulting

The need for Analytics & Consulting arises when a business makes a strategic decision – entering new markets, changing its marketing strategy or investment policy. We implement successfully working solutions that have established themselves all over the world.

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Software & web development

A full range of services for the development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions to customers from more than 30 countries. More than 800 highly qualified IT professionals. Implementation of IT projects of varying complexity and scale.

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Business optimization & analytics

Objectivestar offers comprehensive services for building business intelligence systems that will allow you to effectively analyze and use the data available in your company for both operational and strategic management.

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We follow the latest technological developments in the automotive field.

Banking and financial markets

Advanced software solutions that automate a range of typical and specific business processes of financial organizations.


Effective asset management systems in construction and real estate.


We will help to preserve and develop the main resource of any organization – people.

Electronics and manufacturing

Software solutions for automating the tasks of technological activities of engineering and project organizations.

Energy and utilities

Automation of technological systems and control of installed equipment.


Effective solutions for government agencies and local governments.

Healthcare and insurance

The digital transformation of healthcare and insurance is a top priority for the industry.

Oil and gas

IT solutions for minimizing the cost of extracting the required volume of oil and gas.

Retail and consumer products

Effective systems implementation for management, trading, logistics, resources accounting automatization.

Communica - tions, media and entertainment

Maximize performance, efficiency, speed, and scalability according to your requirements.

Travel and transportation

We offer modern information technologies in the travel and transportation field.

Our Thinking

Digital systems and technologies

Let your business stay ahead of market changes

Perspective for your thechnological processes through the inroduction of a simple modern and secure IT backbone.

What we do:

  • Infrastructure development services
  • Application development & maintenance services
  • Testing & deployment services
  • Intelligence automation
  • Application portfolio management
Digital Operations

Intelligence process automation of your business

Update and manage your most important business processes with new ways to work.

What we do:

  • Business process automation
  • Finance & industry operations transforming
  • Retain current and engage new employees
  • Supply chain and vendor performance optimization
  • Enrich customer and consumer interactions
Digital Business

Introduce digital-first business models

We will help you combine the innovations of the digital age with speed and confidence. Use your digital foundation on sustainable profitable growth.

What we do:

  • Finding and solving your challenges
  • Innovation and concept exhange network
  • Engeneering and manufacturing services
  • Full digital marketing support
  • Customer experience

Why clients choose us

At Objectivestar, we create and deliver business and technology solutions that fit your requirements and drive the results you want.

  • Professional preparation in start of your project
  • Highest experstise in 12 industries
  • Complete projects ON TIME
  • Drive you from point A to point B with boost to sky-high result
  • We support ALL our clients after projects ready

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