Analytics & IT consulting

The need for Analytics & Consulting arises when a business makes a strategic decision – entering new markets, changing its marketing strategy or investment policy. We implement successfully working solutions that have established themselves all over the world.

We are ready to fully service the IT infrastructure, since IT consulting involves organizing and constantly supporting the proper functioning of all equipment involved in your company’s information structures (IT department consulting, IT security consulting, IT consulting for equipment selection, configuration and monitoring, engineering network software).

We help you to go all the way from a business idea to a concept and technical documentation for a formed project.

It consulting services clients coverage

  • Have no idea how to improve their business
  • Have an idea of what to do, but are still not involved in the process
  • Have a clear development strategy and are already getting results

Objectivestar – your reliable business partner. The main priorities of our work is the successful implementation of customer needs.

Business planning & strategy

What are we strong in? Services we provide:

  • Initial expertise. Evaluation of the IT structure, as well as the enterprise information system for compliance with the specifics of the business;
  • Organization of IT systems architecture. Building the optimal architecture of information systems, telecommunications and computer technology;
  • Investment calculation. Amount calculation of financial investment in an information system that meets the needs of the company;
  • Budget planning. Cost optimization for the implementation of IT-solutions, updating the information technology of the enterprise;
  • Well-coordinated management processes. Improving the manageability, transparency of all processes that occur in the enterprise;
  • Professional consultation. Consulting on system administration, assistance in the selection of IT equipment, software products.

Our advantages:

Our employees are specialists in the formation of strategic planning processes for the development of information technologies with many years of experience.

Over the years of practice, we have developed clear mechanisms for making strategic decisions in the IT field.

Qualified internal resources for the high-quality implementation of projects of any complexity in a short time.

Independent expert assessment of the effectiveness of the use of information technology and forecasting for the future.

Application of modern standards and innovations in the field of communications and computing systems.

Knowledge of decision-making techniques, features of the implementation of processes and the specifics of the introduction of IT projects.

Additional services we do offer:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • SERM
  • Branding advertising
  • Evaluation of current condition of the projects

Each client is an additional motivation for the development of our company and contributes to the expansion of the range of services provided, the use of effective tools, the introduction of advanced IT solutions.

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