Software & web development


Software & web development

A full range of services for the development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions to customers from more than 30 countries. More than 800 highly qualified IT professionals. Implementation of IT projects of varying complexity and scale.

One of the main activities of Objectivestar is software development. Our portfolio includes several dozen completed projects – specialized information and analytical systems both on software platforms of leading world manufacturers, and based on in-house solutions. We develop CRM, ERP, HRM, document management systems and business process automation, as well as a variety of business applications for the commercial and public sectors.

Projects directions:

The main directions of Objectivestar activity:

  • Business applications. Objectivestar carries out both the development of individual solutions and the integration of individual modules and solutions into customer information systems.
  • Internet projects. A full range of services: from Web design to solutions of any degree of difficulty for government agencies, enterprises, banks, insurance and investment companies.
  • Multimedia. Development of electronic courses, instructional videos, infographics, interactive simulations for training employees, customers and partners, including augmented reality technology.
  • Desktop applications. Protected solutions for all common operating systems: registries, accounting, control, collection and analytics systems, graphics software.
  • Mobile applications. We work with the Android and iOS platforms – gadgets that operate specifically on these operating systems are the most common.
  • Specialized software. Often an organization needs a complex solution designed to be used only in their work. Our software platform allows you to quickly create software of any complexity.

Software development stages:

The documentation sets out the idea of the project in full detail. Objectivestar developers need to know the technical characteristics of the device and its functionality. The ideal option is the presence of an electrical appliance, its photo or drawings. The possibility of implementing software for an electrical device is determined, the main methods for implementing the project and the price of all types of work are discussed.

Objectivestar marketing specialists identify competitors, analyze their devices and software. Based on the advantages and disadvantages, a business model is compiled, features of the new software are developed. In addition, a study is conducted of the target audience, which helps to identify typical scenarios for using software for electronics.

Programmers develop algorithms for creating software, determine the forms for input and output data, create the structure of the program and the configuration of hardware. At this stage, the product is tested, and the results of the work are documented for presentation to the customer.

After the release of the product, Objectivestar specialists develop operational documentation for users, provide technical and service support for software for electronic devices.

It is Agile and our well-established processes that guarantee the correct result: the implementation of your project on time, with the required quality and without a headache.

N1 – The cost is based on real hours worked.
N2 – Permanent access to intermediate development results.
N3 – The ability to independently adjust the composition of the team, focusing on your own budget.
N4 – Control of all processes using the project management system..

We are for innovation

Objectivestar creates solutions for iOS and Android platforms. This area of ​​activity is one of the “youngest” for us, however, our company already has a highly professional team of programmers who successfully solve almost any task in this area.

It is worth noting here that such custom software is of interest to many of our customers who cooperate with us in the development of large IT systems: mobile devices are increasingly being integrated into control or production information systems. In addition, we are developing small, but interesting or useful applications for end users.

Objectivestar is a qualification and knowledge, multiplied by a systematic approach. Due to this, in each case, we create convenient, functional, stable working software products.

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